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The Rose family, which includes Chris, Sierra, Catcher, and Bijou, has officially entered the blogosphere!

We finally have something worthy to talk about, a new house in Santa Barbara- woo hoo!!!  I must say that after five years of living in a cramped apartment with a sometimes cranky roommate I think we have earned it.  However deserving we may be, we still could barely afford a fixer, which is what we ended up buying.  We couldn’t love it more, which is good because it is desperate need of love and attention.  And so it begins, the great home renovation of 2009.

A friend of ours gave us a piece of advise when fixing up a house:  keep a journal.  This way when you have lost feeling in your hands after painting for 4 hours straight after working a normal 8 hour day, you will be able to take a break and read over what you’ve done and look at pictures to see how far you’ve come since you started and not throw your paint brush across the room and a cry because you just painted that bloody wall yesterday and are now repainting it because you stupidly painted at night and it ended up streaky.  Not that this has ever happened to me…

I’m sure we will have some entertaining stories for you all to read as we (try) to renovate a house that is over 50 years older than we are.  At the very least I’m sure that we’ll post some cute pictures of the cats.


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