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You get what you pay for, or Cheeky Bastard.

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Next on our list of to-do’s is to paint the office and guest bedroom.  We have a general idea of what color we want them to be (light blue-green) but before we can make a decision (paint color is a very important decision in a home owners life) I need to test several samples on the wall so I can see how the color looks in different lights, etc.  Since there was already paint on the walls in these rooms, we need to paint them with primer first.

The task of buying supplies from Home Depot usually falls to Chris, as he works very close to it and can easily swing by on his long lunch break.  I made him a list (I am the list maker in the family) which included, among other things, primer and paint samples.

Primer was on sale that fateful day, so this is what he brought home with him:

Worst Primer Ever.

Worst Primer Ever.

My dear friends and family, please promise me that you will never use this brand of primer.  No matter how cheap it is.  Promise me!!

This is what happens when you buy this primer: (and please note the stick with which I am stirring said shitty primer…Chris is not only so cheap that he buys crap primer, but refused to buy me a paint stirry thing so I had to use a *stick* from the backyard)

Stirring Stick.  Literally.

Stirring Stick. Literally.

Maybe this will work after all?

Maybe this will work after all?

No, definitely not working.

No, definitely not working.

I guess you really do get what you pay for.  Here’s a video of attempting to paint with it:

And here is a video of my husband being a lazy, cheeky, good for nothing:

I still love him though.  Cause he’s so darn cute when he winks, don’t you think?


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  1. How’s the bed?

  2. Not sure why i let u post this 🙂

  3. The bed is FABULOUS!! I had to rip myself out of it this morning.

  4. I am CRACKING UP at the stick. Oh my goodness.


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