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The Squeaky Stair

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There are so many reasons why I love my house.

I love how bright and airy it is.  It may not be the largest house, but it feels bigger than it is because of the windows and doors (which I complain about constantly because they are a beast to paint, but really they are quite lovely).

I love that one of the windows in the living room is warped because it is so old.  I like to stare through it and try to imagine how many other people have looked through it over the years and wonder if they loved this house as much as I do.

I love the hardwood floors and how in some spots they creak when I walk over them.  I love hearing the kitties tearing around the house and slipping all over the place as they round the corners because they still forget that we don’t have carpet anymore.

I LOVE having my own bathroom.

But the thing I love the most about this house it the squeaky stair on our front porch, the second stair from the top.  One of my all time favorite movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  James Steward, Frank Capra, and Christmas.  It really doesn’t get much better than that.  Now that I am a homeowner, one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when he runs through his front door (after having seen what the world would be like if he had never been born) and starts running up the stairs to see his wife and kids.  On his way up, he accidently pulls out the loose knob on the stair banister (which, as you know from previous scenes, always angers him because he hates living in a derelict old house) but instead of lobbing it across the room he kisses it because he realizes how much he loves that old, falling down, lovely house, right down to  the loose knob.

That is how I feel about my squeaky stair.  Every day I come home from work, utterly exhausted and wondering to myself if we’ll starve to death if I decide I’m too tired to cook dinner that night, and I make my way up the front stairs into the house.  Without fail, every time I step on the second stair from the top and hear that squeak I smile (sometimes after a long day it’s only inwardly, but it’s always there) and think to myself, I have a wonderful life too.

My dirty, lovely squeaky stair

My dirty, lovely squeaky stair


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