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We almost had our dining room table yesterday, but some shenannies ensued (cheap husband strikes again!) so it had to spend the night in the basement.

I’d like to send a special shout out to Cesar and Jason for helping Chris to carry the ridiculously heavy table up the stairs after work today, you made my day!

Glamour shots of the new table, check out those gams!

IMG_8784IMG_8786I am so in love with this table.  Elegant, but not over done, traditional, but not stuffy.

Now the only problem is that our living room furniture is shabby in comparison.  The couches especially, which have become more oversized scratching posts/beds for the kitties and various houseguests…although to my knowledge the guests have done more sleeping than scratching.

Due to budget constraints, there are no new couches in the foreseeable future.  Instead we will trim where the cats have clawed and take the cushion covers to the dry cleaners.  I’ll let you know how it turns out…if you’re lucky I’ll even post some before and after pics.  Everyone loves a good before and after, right?


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