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On the journey of becoming a homeowner, it is very likely that you’ve picked up a heafty mortgage on the way.  We are no exception to that rule, so we get very excited around these parts when we find inexpensive ways to spruce up the place.  Our latest projects do not involve paint (hallelujah!), are cheap (or even better- free!) and quick, but make a big impact on a room

Let’s talk hardware.  Most of the window and door fixtures in our house are black and we really like the way it makes the house look.  It adds charm and makes the house feel old, but in a good way.  Our hallway built in’s had icky silver (I have nothing against silver, but in the case of our built in’s, they was a definite ick factor goin’ on) handles that did not fit in with the rest of the house.

Before (well, the upper right is after but the rest are before)

Before (well, the upper right is after but the rest are before)

$30 dollars later… How fabulous does that look?!?

After (ignore the shelf clutter)

After (ignore the shelf clutter)

As mentioned, the door knobs in our house are all black.  When we first moved in, the bank that owned the house had removed all the deadbolts on the doors and put in ugly brass door handles.  Esthetics aside, it’s actually quite sad to think about the brass door handles being put on because the previous owners were kicked out.

Sad foreclosure deadbolt

Sad foreclosure doorknob

A set of 2 dead bolts and 1 door knob comes in at around $60.  The original door knobs are actually quite nice, we were told by some hoity toity door knob store that a matching dead bolt would cost $180!!  So we went the less expensive home depot route, which means the dead bolt doesn’t match exactly, but if I hadn’t told you, you probably never would have noticed.



And now for the best kind of home upgrade: repurposing items, cost = free!  Our dining room table was looking a little sad and bare, so we put two hurricane vases with candles (leftovers from our wedding) and a glass filled with corks (every time we open a bottle of wine of champagne, we write on the cork the date and occasion) as centerpieces.




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  1. Wow, you could totally have your own show on TLC.


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