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As Chris was taking out the recycling tonight he poked his head up the front stairs and said, “You’ve got to come down here!”.  Being a lazy butt and having had just cooked dinner, I was not thrilled at the idea of going outside and getting roped in to what I thought involved breaking down boxes.

Grumbling and muttering naughty words under my breath, I got up and went to investigate.  It was indeed a box, but one not one that needed breaking down- this one had fun things inside of it!  Apparently the delivery man was both silent and stealthy, we hadn’t heard a peep from outside all night and were both quite surprised to find a large box hanging out in the driveway.  Fun items include our new bookshelf and part of our “organizational system” (which is a fancy word for a pretty corkboard) had arrived!!!

Catchie approves

Catchie approves

Side view of the bookcase

Side view of the bookcase

I wanted a white bookcase to match with the desk but was having a heck of a time finding one until I came across this.  From the catalogue picture it didn’t seem quite as big, but I was willing to sacrifice some functionality for style so we ordered it anyway.  It’s actually much bigger than I was expecting and I really like it!  Here is is with some books and knick knacks thrown on, it will need some fine tuning, but you get the general idea.




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