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Several years ago, Chris and I got an idea to save wine and champagne corks in a pretty glass jar (similar to how in IV people used to save all the bottles of hard alcohol they’d drank, except this is slightly classier).  We would write on the cork the date and a blurb about what we were doing when we drank that particular bottle.  At the very least, we thought, it would look kind of cool  and be a fun conversation starter.

We’ve collected quite a few over the years, and we now use it as part of our dining room centerpiece.  Tonight I randomly decided to read every single cork message, which I haven’t done since we started this in ’06.  I’m definitely going to make an effort to save more corks now, because it was SO FUN to read them all and remember all the fun things we’ve done with friends and family.  Some are sentimental, like the champagne cork from our wedding night, and some are just plain silly, like “Chris and Adam Nacho Night!”.

This is an inexpensive and interesting centerpiece idea, but also a great way to capture the wonderful moments, however big or small, of your life.

Here is a small sampling of my favorites:



From L to R:

After we had put an offer on our house, Graham and Audrey (my fabulous champagne loving in-laws) came up to check out the place and we had an impromptu champagne toast to what we hoped would be our new house.  The caption on the cork reads, “New house? 4-17-09”

Next is “New House 6-24-09”, the day we closed on the above mentioned house.  🙂

Another favorite, “OBAMA ’08” written in patriotic blue and red.  From the bottle of champagne we drank the night Obama was elected 44th President of the United States.  A night to remember.

And last, but not least, a sneak-a-cork from my BFF that I just realized she’d put in!  “To Chris & Sierra, A toast to your hospitality 11-9-08.  -Laura” .  Aww!


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  1. I LOVE THIS!!

  2. I hope you guys don’t mind but I’m totally stealing this idea — my first cork tonight will read “First cork message – idea from Chris & Sierra” 🙂

    Then our current cork collection will have to be used in some other project.


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