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I get by with a little help from my friends.

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This is a thank you post to my husband Chris, Brian Hoffman “The Best Man’s Best Man”, and Ryan Unger “Runger” for helping us to move the heaviest single item in the entire world back into the basement bathroom- the claw-foot tub.

The tub was originally in the basement bathroom, but due to Santa Barbara zoning laws, it is illegal for there to be a full bath down there because the ceilings are too low in some places.  Because the laundry room is downstairs, it is ok to have a half bath.

So, before we had even bought the place, our realtor helped us move it to the garage so that when we had the zoning inspection it wouldn’t be flagged and possibly capped off…if you are a Santa Barbara zoning official please stop reading this now and please don’t send us to jail.

Here is it back in its rightful place, after much huffing and puffing, yelling, and sweating.

Downstairs bathroom with tub

Downstairs bathroom with tub

Steady, steady!

Steady, steady!

Putting the feet back on

Putting the feet back on

Thanks again to all my muscle for helping us finish off our illegal third bathroom.


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