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Bad Start to our Home Improvement Weekend

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After the cheap primer debacle Chris and I agreed that in the future, we would not pinch pennies when it comes to paint.  So when we ran out of white trim paint, Chris ran out to ACE and picked up another gallon.  He went with the intention of buying the same kind we had already used, Behr Ultra Pure White in Semi Gloss.  He came back with ACE trim paint, because ACE doesn’t carry Behr.  It was not the cheapest in the store, the opposite actually, so we figured it would be fine.  We were wrong.

As if the door debacle wasn’t bad enough, poor Chris somehow got paint all over his hair.  At least it wasn’t his beard, that would have really made him sad.  Although I’m not sure exactly how you would go about getting paint in your beard in the first place.

But wait, it gets worse.  We are on a tight schedule to get the house in tip top shape for our housewarming party so we decided not to let this incident get us behind.  Off to Home Depot on a Friday night we went, to buy some Behr paint this time!  When we got back home, I went to paint a second coat of the good stuff on the bathroom door.  And thus begins our first home improvement disaster.


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