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Everything Comes in 3’s

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As I was spraying down our driveway after the unfortunate paint accident I thought to myself, everything comes in 3’s…what’s next?  Being slightly superstitious, I didn’t verbalize my fears.  But the third thing found me anyway.

We had decided that we were done with painting and manual labor, but in an effort to still check something off our list, we decided to pick up our recently purchased coffee table from PB instead.  One of our friends has a an old clunker of a truck, a Ford F150 that reminds me of my Grandpa, and he offered it up to us.  Since we both have tiny cars, we accepted.

Everything was going fine, we picked up the coffee table and got off on our exit to go home and stopped at the red light, waiting to turn right.  That’s when the car died.  Long story short, we had to sit there for almost 30 minutes waving people by and enduring the honks and dirty looks from the other drivers (who, to be fair, were all freakin’ idiots.  GO AROUND the old truck that has its hazards on and is obviously broken down!).  The friend who we borrowed the car from came to save us with a portable charger, jumped the car, and was following us to our house, just in case.

THANK GOD he did, because less than 2 minutes later at a stop sign the battery died AGAIN!  At this point I’m thinking to myself, what horrible thing have I done recently to deserve this?!?  We tried the little battery thing again, didn’t work.  This time, the battery was double dead.  So we had to push the truck to the side of the road, flip around our friends car and do a car to car jump.  That did the trick and we were able to make it home without it dying again.

I’m not leaving the house for the rest of the night for fear I’ll be struck by lightning.  And we don’t really ever get lightning in Santa Barbara, but I’m betting that tonight, we will.

The Clunker, with our coffee table in the back.

The Clunker, with our coffee table in the back.


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  1. Ooh I love that truck! It is so rustic. Bummer it broke down. 😦

    If it makes you feel any better, we lost our mattress on the freeway. I was thinking something like that happened to your new table.


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