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  1. Whats going on in SB??!! Its been almost 20 days with no blog posts. Im on pins and needles here. Did you get all those movies i brought you to work? Did you hang up the tv? Is the entertainment closet all setup with black lights and maybe a hover chair with a para-scope that goes up out the roof for a view of downtown? Did you barbeque with the neighbors that have the house you cant get to unless you helicopter in? Did you fix the fence they dont want to talk about? Better yet, did you chop down that stupidly stupid crap dropping tree out back that is sure to ruin your patio furniture yet? Ill do it for $40 but i cant be responsible for the clean up. For $40 more i will use that red pick up truck to tie a rope to the tree and drag it up the street to elings park. If the truck breaks down at the stop sign then the tree is staying at the stop sign. LOL!!!

    Updates ASAP!! Pictures too or it never happened!!! Much love from the shitty weather capital of the world.



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