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I’ve been called out as being a bad blogger by my number one fan.  And it’s true.

After months of cleaning, painting,  and home improving, we finally had our housewarming party on October 10th.  Over 50 people came for the party:  friends, family, co-workers, neighbors.  All those months of hard work were totally worth it and it was so fun to be able to relax and have fun in our new house with our favorite people in the world.

My parents came down a few days before the party and worked for days and days on the landscaping and it looked AMAZING- huge thanks to Mom and Dad!  Also a huge thanks to the Rose’s for their help with the landscaping, I’m a lucky girl to have such fabulous In-Laws.

So, after the party we decided to take a MUCH needed break from home improvements.  Between a hectic work schedule, DIY projects, and trying to keep up with day to day chores we were exhausted and nearing insanity.  I figured that no one would miss the blog, but apparently I was wrong.  So this post is for the our loyal reader, Mousepad.  Your burning questions, finally answered.

1) Whats going on in SB??!!

Not much new to report.  We just bought a new espresso machine and are currently enjoying homemade mochas on the front porch.  So I guess you could say that life is good in SB.

2) Did you get all those movies i brought you to work?

We did get all the movies to work, however Chris is still futzing around with our media set up so I haven’t been able to watch many.

3) Did you hang up the tv?

Yes!!  The TV is no longer blocking the fireplace.  However, we haven’t drilled a hole through it for the wires so they’re still hanging out the side.  Once it’s all finished we’ll post pics.

4) Is the entertainment closet all setup with black lights and maybe a hover chair with a para-scope that goes up out the roof for a view of downtown?

The media closet/server room is still a work in progress.  No black lights yet, we are considering a para-scope that goes up out the roof.  We recently signed up for Dish Network again, so we have TV now.  We totally caved after months of being all smug about not having TV.

5) Did you barbeque with the neighbors that have the house you cant get to unless you helicopter in?

I think Chris finally figured out how to get to the house behind our house without the use of a helicopter, but he hasn’t shown me yet.  Maybe they have a tunnel?  Or a teleporting system like in Star Trek?  Or floo powder like Harry Potter?

6) Did you fix the fence they dont want to talk about? Better yet, did you chop down that stupidly stupid crap dropping tree out back that is sure to ruin your patio furniture yet?

Shhhhhh…we don’t talk about the fence.  We did chop back the most annoying tree ever (aka the Brazilian Pepper tree in our back yard) and it is SOOO much better.  It’s nice to have a big cool lookin’ tree back there so I think we’ll keep it and just trim it back every few years.

7) Updates ASAP!! Pictures too or it never happened!!!

Pictures soon!!  Today we are meeting with a decorator who is helping us with our window treatments so hopefully we will have some good before and after pics soon.  Windows may not sound like a difficult thing to decorate, but in our house they are actually very challenging.  So much so that our decorator had to consult with a window treatment expert so get an idea of what to do.

So there you have it, your burning questions finally answered.  Mousepad, I hope you’re able to sleep at night now.  And I solemnly pledge to you that I will try to blog more regularly.


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