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Frame Arranging.

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Chris and I are big fans of a blog called Young House Love which is written by a young, hip couple in Virginia who bought an older house with the intent to fix it up.  They have fabulous and inexpensive ideas and whenever we have a design quandary we search through their many blog posts for answers.

I’ve mentioned before my fear and hesitation of hanging up things on the wall, especially after we spent SO much time painting and making it pretty.  It just pains me to drive a nail through my freshly painted walls.  Thankfully, we found this very helpful video from Young House Love on framing arrangements which was really helpful.  I highly suggest watching it if you’re as unsure about wall decor as I am.

We knew we wanted white frames, and in an effort to save money we tried to paint some of the black frames that we already had using our white trim paint.  Really bad idea.  I’m sure this would work if you used the right paint or sanded them or something, but it went all wrong for us and ended in me stomping on one of them after 3 days and 3 coats of paint.  Three of them were salvageable, the others we bought at Aaron Brothers and Ikea.

Once we’d gathered all our frames and printed the pictures (Costco is the way to go for this, awesome quality and ridiculously cheap) we had to figure out the layout before getting down to business.  Bobby was up visiting so he, Chris, and I all took turns arranging the frames.  Bobo was the winner.


The next step is quite tedious, but very important.  Cut a piece of paper for each frame and tape them together in the arrangement we created, then transfer to the wall, as seen here:


I have no patience for hanging things, using levels, and measuring.  Fortunately, the Rose boys are quite handy and took over from here.  I did help by handing them the nails.

The Rose Boys

We’re quite pleased with the finished product, it was worth all the work.

The finished product

Coming Soon…Chris’s Media Closet, complete with black light!!


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  1. This Bobo guy seems like a real genius!


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