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Chris’s Favorite Room

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Before we had signed away our lives on our new house, Chris had already claimed his favorite room.  It’s actually not really a room, more of a closet at the end of the hallway.  I would guess that it used to be a broom closet or storage area.  But Chris had big plans for it, his dreams of turning into a media/server room that would put any geek to shame.  I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think he could pull it off.

To better orient you to where this server rooms is, if you look at a picture of our living room, it is behind the fireplace.  So how do all the cords get from this media closet to the TV you ask?  By drilling a hole through 4 feet of stone and cement.  Which as it turns out is a very tricky thing to do, Chris called 3 people before finding a man with a diamond tipped water powered drill who said he could pull it off.

The Hole.

TV Mount & Cable Hole

Once we had the hole drilled, Chris installed adjustable shelves in there for all his components.  Our server room consists of:  Onkyo receiver, Dish network HD DVR, Macbook pro, Nintendo Wii, 4 USB Hard-drives, lots of monoprice cables (cheap and amazing), and just to be uber cool/geeky a blacklight.

Before Closet

Chris's Favorite Room

I am quite amazed with Chris, he somehow managed to merge his love of technology and home theater with his newly found handyman skills.  He loves how minimal it all looks while at the same time providing a crazy tech experience (the steve jobs minimalist coming out in him), I love that we can have all the cables, components, and geekery hidden away.

Glorious TV




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