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This year, we decided to keep things low key and just stay home and celebrate our first Thanksgiving together in the new house.  I have missed being with our families, but it was also nice to just spend the day relaxing and doing whatever we wanted.

Some things that I am thankful for haven’t changed much over the years: my family, friends, and the health of all those I love.  But this year there are new things.  I am thankful for my job, even though it has been an almost constant source of stress and anxiety.  I really love working there and (usually) enjoy  what I do.  I am always thankful for Chris, who is in my humble opinion, the greatest husband a girl could ask for.

And of course, I am so thankful for our new house.  Who knew that it was possible to fall in love with an old pile of wood and nails?  But I have, I love every bit of this house from the deck that is nearly falling down, to the crazy blue flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.  The views of downtown Santa Barbara, the old gravity furnace that makes our house so warm, the hardwood floors, and even the cave downstairs (but only in the daylight, at night it scares me).  Just sitting in my living room looking around my house I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and peace.

I hadn’t planned on cooking since it was just going to be me and Chris, but then Chris decided he wanted a turkey.  Then we decided it would be fun to have several of our friends over for dinner the day after Thanksgiving to eat leftovers, and so I went from not cooking at all to making a feast to end all feasts.

Thanksgiving Spread

Green Bean Casserole

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey Butter

Southern Biscuits

Country Bread, Sausage, and Sage Dressing

Mashed Potatoes with Pancetta and Rosemary

Cranberry Orange Compote

Turkey Gravy


Bacon, Garlic, Butter and Herbs under the Turkey Skin. Mmm!

I’m waiting till tomorrow to cook the desserts.  Partly because I just cooked for 7 hours and am about to fall over, partly because dessert is best hot out of the oven and our guests deserve only the best.  🙂  Tune in tomorrow for Pumpkin Cheesecake Crumble, Apple Pie, and Cranberry Orange Scone.  And, if you’re lucky and I’m feeling extra energetic (which depends on how many cappuccinos I will have had) we might have pictures of the office and bedroom curtains.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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  1. Bacon, Garlic, Butter and Herbs under the Turkey Skin…. NO WAY!! Wow. I missed out on that one. It all looks delicious, nice work.

  2. Better be more food than that when I am there for Christmas!


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