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My darling friend Mandy tagged me in her blog and since I have been a major crankypants today I thought it might be a good time to pull myself out of this funk.

So here goes, 10 things that make me happy!  (not necessarily in order of importance, as evidenced by my current #1)

1) Cheetos.  So cheesy.  So orange and wrong but so delicious.

2) My husband.  No one can make me laugh like he can and no matter how much time we spend together I just can’t get enough of him.

3) My Snuggie.  I’ll admit it, I thought they were silly.  Why would anyone need a backwards robe?  Then I got one for Christmas.  OMG.  I have used it every night since.

4) The Baby.  I never feel alone anymore, I have a little buddy with me wherever I go.  ♥

5) Today I ate a cottage cheese thingy with strawberry jam in a side container.  It was spectacular.  (So far, food has made it on my list twice.  When you’ve been in a constant state of almost vomiting for over 2 months, food that actually tastes good would make you happy too.)

6) Family.  Chris and I are both close with our families, and ever since we told them about the baby their excitement and joy has made me love them that much more.  Being able to make them so happy makes me happy.

7) My new car.  Slightly materialistic, yes.  I’m ok with that.  I’ve driven shitty cars my entire life, having a lovely shiny new car means a lot to me and makes me happy every time I sit in it.  It makes driving to work in the morning less horrible.

8 ) Our house.  Chris and dreamt for years of buying a home in Santa Barbara.  We used to listen to the Crosby, Stills, and Nash song “Our House” and think, someday the “two cats in the yard” would be us.  Almost everything about our house makes me happy, and the things that don’t I choose to ignore for now.

9) Scarfs.  They make your neck so warm and cozy.  I wear one almost every day.

10) Catcher and Bijou.  They almost didn’t make the list because the *#$%@’s woke me up last night AND early this morning while walking around the house, moaning for no reason at all.  But then Catcher came over just now to eat Cheetos with me (he LOVES them) and it’s really hard to be mad at a kitty who likes to eat junk food with me.


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