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This post is brought to you by the letter L.

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I started this blog so we could share our home renovations with friends and family.  We put in several months of intense work and then took a break.  Then I got pregnant.  And that’s where things pretty much just stopped.

But, the baby needs a room, so it’s time to get crackin’ again.  He will be living in our former guest room and we have decided not to repaint the walls.  (Hallelujah!)  The guest bed has been moved to the basement and has been replaced with a beautiful crib and matching dresser/changing table.  We did our first nursery decorating project this weekend, and it turned out fabulous, with only one tiny snafu.

I bought wall decals from, a really great website with tons of decals all for really reasonable prices.  We picked the Alphabet Zoo decals for a steal at $35!  I cut them out and stuck them up on the walls with scotch tape to figure out where we wanted them.

What's wrong with this picture?

Everything looked good, so I pulled the trigger and started sticking the animals up on the wall.  As I was putting up the Y for “yak” I was thinking, “How cool is it that the U is for “unicorn”?  The only thing cooler would be if the L was for “lyger”.  I wonder what the L is…wait…where is the L?  H, I, J, K…M.  *$@#%  My son is going to learn the alphabet incorrectly because I forgot to add the freaking L.”

So right about now I had a mini meltdown (keep in mind that I am 6 months pregnant) and swore to Chris that there never was an L in the first place.  I cut out each letter and put them in a pile, how could one possibly get lost?  Impossible.  I never lose things.  Nevertheless, my ever cool, calm, and collected husband decided to go look through the trash to see if he could find the missing letter.  Not the trash in the kitchen, the trash in the large can outside that stinks to high heaven.

He returned several minutes later holding a lion and I started crying all over again at what a wonderful husband I have. Chris made me promise that we will someday tell our little boy the story of the lion’s adventure and how Dad saved the day.

The finished product, with all 26 letters this time

Next up, Chris paints the nursery trim.  Thank you baby for letting me sit this one out!


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  1. I LURVE IT!!! I totally would have cried about the L too. It looks great–can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. LOL about liger! Looks great Sierra!


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