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Baby Opium

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When I complain to people about my sleepless nights, which is my main topic of conversation these days, most people tell me that I need to start rice cereal to get him to sleep. One would think that this stuff is like baby opium the way people swear by its magical powers.

Emmett is about the age at which you can start experimenting with solids, and between that and my desperation for a good nights sleep, we recently decided to give it a try.

I put some rice cereal into a bottle of formula before bed and said a little prayer to Morpheus that it would be what Emmett needed to sleep longer. Alas, no such luck.

But, he has seemed really into our food lately so we though maybe he’d like some rice cereal on its own. I was so excited for him to eat his first solid foods and hoped that maybe it would help him sleep longer.

It started off alright, not much stayed in his mouth mind you, but he went along with it.

This is where he starts to get over it and is like, “Daaad, make her stop feeding me this mush!”

Aaaand he’s over it.

Back to the drawing board! For now I’m still getting up several times a night and Emmett has taken up residence in our bed for most of the night. He’s happiest when snuggled up with his Momma and there’s really nothing better in the world than baby snuggles, now is there?

Well, maybe a good night’s sleep…


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