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It was a good day.

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For the life of me I cannot say the phrase “ It was a good day” without picturing Ice Cube in his blue bandana cruisin’ in a low rider.

Today was a good day for me and little my family. Not quite Ice Cube style, I’m no where near that gangsta. I’m just a white girl with a ghetto booty.

Wow, how did we get here? Anyway…

I made breakfast, Chris made us mochas. Emmett just kicked it in his doorway jumper and it was the perfect Sunday morning. Chris and I talked about politics and technology while we ate.

Finally a conversation not involving bowl movements.

We’re really starting to get the hang of this.


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  1. That’s great!

    Just one question. What’s a bowl movement?


  2. Bwahaha! I’m keeping that typo in there for comedic purposes.

  3. I love playing what baby and talking tech and politics !


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