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A post all men should just skip.

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Especially those related to me, by blood or marriage.

I warned you all that my blog has segued from fixer upper projects into breast milk and poop, but this one may be a bit too much for the boys to handle.

One of the things that inevitably happens during childbirth is that the lady bits (internally and externally) get stretched out down there, like, forever. Due to said stretching, sometimes this can cause some leakage when you sneeze.

As anyone who has read more than one sentence of my blog will know, I had a c-section. I was spared the ripping, tearing, and cutting that happens when you deliver vaginally. But because monkey face was hanging out down there for 2 hours while I tried to push him out, I have been afflicted with the dreaded “sneeze-pee syndrome”.

I just can’t catch a break, can I?


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  1. Oh no! I’m sorry. I think I got lucky and my kid wasn’t stuck down there long enough to do that.


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