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Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.

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Today I had a totally craptastic day at work.

I’m not going to go into why because I don’t feel like sharing with the entire webiverse. It was just an icky day and I left work feeling stupid and small.

I knew that seeing Emmett would brighten my day and this was the only thing that got me through the afternoon. Thankfully, 4:30 rolled around before I knew it, and I was off to pick up my little buddy.

When we got home I was just so tired and overwhelmed with bla that I finally let it all out and started to cry. But Emmett wouldn’t have it. He started cracking up laughing, grabbing my face and screeching with delight.

Not only was he the happiest and most smiley baby ever, but he also had the hiccups. I mean, c’mon now! A bad day has no chance in hell of surviving against a smiling AND hiccupping baby!

I think I’m going to let him stick around for a little longer. He’s the best mood-enhancing drug I’ve ever taken.


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  1. This warms my heart. I needed a little smiley E myself yesterday.

  2. Aw. Sorry your day was so craptastic, but you’re right, some things just make everything better.


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