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Moldy Carpet.

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If I told you that moldy carpet has changed my life for the better, you would probably ask yourself, has her brain gone a bit addled since having a baby? Or maybe it’s from inhaling all those mold spores.

But it’s true! My department at work had mold growing under the scazzy blue carpet and after 2 years of trying to get a department makeover, the mold finally lost.

I always like my old cube, but it was facing a wall and in a busy area of the office. The upside was that if there was every anyone chatting in the common area, I was always a part of it. The downside was that it was hard to work at times, and I was facing a wall. But it was private. And I had a fun cube buddy.

But now, oh my.

During the remodel, the entire department floor plan was redone. My new cube is next to two gigantic windows that let in so much glorious sunlight, all day long. The sun makes it all warm and toasty. My new cube buddy (who is just fabu) bakes in the sun all day like a kitty.

Here’s a pic of where I spend most of my days.

There are rainbow makers on the windows. RAINBOWS at work! So magical are rainbows that seeing a double one can cause a person to become so enraptured, his response becomes the viral video of the year. And now I get to see them at work all day long.

Having a healthy work environment is important, I mean, you spend the majority of your days there. If I leave work in a bad mood, it sets the tone for how the rest of my night is. My nights are the only time I get to see Emmett during the week, so you see, it’s very important that I have a good day at work and leave in a good mood.

It may be stressful at times, and my raise this year sucked, but I have my sunshine and rainbows. And coffee walks with some great girls.

If I have to spend all day away from my baby, this is a pretty good place to be.


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