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Emmett went from licking his squash covered spoon and dribbling out most of what made it into his mouth, to gulping down sweet potatoes like nobodies business, literally overnight.

{And yes, I am one of those people who says literally a lot and usually in the wrong context. Deal. If Robin Scherbatsky can get away with it on prime time television, then I certainly can on my very own blog that no one reads anyway.}

It’s such a fun new phase in his ever-changing baby development. Bit messy, but really fun. Dinnertime is a family affair now, the three of us sitting at the table, all enjoying real food.

I like to envision how it will be in years to come, with all of us sitting around the dining room table talking about our days, laughing, and soaking up each other’s company. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

However, there is one downside to solid foods. The poopy diaper that happens afterwards.

Holy Moses.

I’m going to spare you all the details. There’s no reason why this sort of information needs to be shared. Although I did call Chris in from the other room to witness what our son had created. He almost threw up in his mouth.

No, instead you’ll all just have to wait until the day that your child creates his or her own solid food masterpiece. Until then, enjoy the fact that your virgin eyes have never had to witness anything so disgusting as this.

Unless of course, you already have a wee babe, in which case, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.


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  1. We’re almost there! I tried rice cereal a few weeks back and he didn’t take to it. I might try it again this weekend to see if he can handle eating off a spoon yet. I figured then I wouldn’t be wasting any squash if he’s still not interested in the spoon. 🙂

    Not looking forward to the aftermath though.

    • We started rice cereal around 4 1/2 months and he was never into it. After about a week or so of veggie purees, he started mowing it down! Maybe little T is just waiting for the good stuff. 🙂


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