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Something’s gotta give.

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A few weeks ago, my department at work started another round of our biggest loser competition. The first week, I dropped 5 pounds. I was pretty excited about such a great loss, but my motivation didn’t last long and now I’m having a really hard time. Like, I’ve gained back the 5 pounds and then some hard time.

In the last week Emmet has had croup AND stomach flu And now possibly pink eye. He wakes up screaming at night (can you blame the poor guy?) until we bounce him into quiet submission. (We have an exercise ball instead of a rocking chair, we don’t actually bounce the poor lad on his head)

And I now have croup. I know, right? Who the hell over the age of 5 gets croup? This girl.

I’m so tired when I get home from work and it’s all I can do to “cook” dinner by throwing something, anything, in the microwave.

So, when I say I need to take a break, it’s not that I’m not giving up. But I am giving in, temporarily. I just can’t do it all, as much as I want to be Super Mom, whoever she is. I can’t stop being Emmett’s Mom and I can’t quit my job, so by default my health is what’s getting the axe.

Something has just got to give.

That being said, just because I am taking a break doesn’t mean that it is ok to shovel Ben & Jerry’s into my mouth every evening like I’m trying to bulk up for a sumo wrestler league. What I can control right now is my portion size. I may be eating crap food loaded with chemicals and fat, but the least I can do it limit myself to one portion instead of four.

So there you have it, my lofty goals for the week.


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  1. Take care of yourself. Being sick is hard, being sick & being a mom is even harder. It’s a tough road on your body, so I think it’s smart to take a step back. You’ll be back in the game once you’re healthy 🙂
    Feel better!

    • Thanks! I’ve slathered a sexy mustache of Vicks VapoRub onto my upper lip and am about to make myself a cup of hot cocoa. Hopefully the combination of menthol and chocolate will kick this cold in the tuches.

      Hope you feel better soon!


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