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I’ve been having a run of bad days recently. Emmett and I have both been sick for about 2 weeks now. Poor baby boy now has an ear infection and has been feverish all week. He wakes up screaming almost every hour of the night, searching for some sort of relief, settling for a pacifier and some cuddles from Mom.

So much sickness and so little sleep is taking its toll on me. I feel worn out, hollow, and sometimes very much alone.

Yesterday I got a voicemail from my Mom, letting me know that there had been a shooting at my elementary school and the Principal, my former Jr. High gym teacher, was killed. And suddenly, my problems didn’t seem so bad.

There are three girls out there who no longer have a father, a wife who no longer has a husband.

Today I feel even worse than yesterday. My nose feels like it’s cemented shut, my head is pounding, I’m even more tired than yesterday. Emmett is on Day 4 of the never ending fever, fussy and not eating very well, which is beyond frustrating.

But I have my husband. I have my family. My cold will go away, but they will still be here. Sometimes it takes a terrible tragedy to make you realize what’s important.


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  1. hope you feel better soon. that’s awful about the principal…so much craziness.


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