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It’s the little things.

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It’s so easy to get bogged down in the stress that comes along with being a working Mom. I feel as though each day I’m just treading water, never getting any closer to the surface no matter how frantically I doggy paddle.

The house is always a mess. The baby never sleeps long enough and the alarm clock always goes off too soon. The stream of snot never ends, the worry that comes when Emmett’s fever hits 103 degrees, the screaming for hours because my baby’s ear is causing him so much pain, it all takes its toll.

It’s enough to overwhelm even the most capable and patient of Mothers. It is all too easy to let this load get so heavy that you start to sink, and this is what has been happening to me for weeks.

So, rather than continue to let life sink me, I’m choosing to enjoy the happy moments and try to forget the rest. Like tonight, when Emmett spit up all over Chris’s face and then the two of us laughed until tears were streaming down my face. Sorry bebe, but it really was hilarious!

Or when I was nursing Emmett and he chomped down SO HARD on me. That part is not funny. I yelled “OUCH!!!!” and tapped his face and said “No baby!”. And then he gave me the biggest baby grin and the three of us started laughing again.

Spit up and nipple biting. These are the highlights of my day, the little moments that I am choosing to treasure from today. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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