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I called a time out on my efforts to lose weight around a month ago. I hoped that I could take a break from counting points without shoveling Mexican food and Häagen-Dazs down my gullet.

I should have known better.


I want to explain why I lost control and dove headfirst into a sea of cupcakes and greasy take out. Emmett has been sick for nearly a month with fevers, ear infections, the works. On top of that, he was teething. {Side note: My baby boy has two little teeth peekin’ out!}

I’ve also been sick. I’m worn out. People who hadn’t seen me in a few weeks would take one look at me and say with genuine concern, “You look really tired”.

The result of all this is that I am now the proud owner of a brand new spare tire around my midsection.

So here I am, once again. At the end of my rope and uncertain of where to go from here. I’ve struggled with my weight for over a decade now and I’m tired. Tired of trying, tired of failure, tired of having to buy new clothes every 6 months because nothing fits.

I wonder how other people do it. How do you all manage to find the time to cook healthy meals? Where do you find the energy to exercise after a busy 8 hour day at work followed by a frantic 3 hours of feeding, bathing and smothering your baby in kisses? How do you cope with the craziness of being a working Mom besides eating???


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  1. oh friend, i wish i had answers for you. the fact is, eating is so very comforting. it’s all i want to do, too, after everything you just mentioned – working, feeding, bathing, and kissing the baby.

    i hope you find the time you need soon, but don’t beat yourself up over falling back for a few weeks – your sick baby needed you!

    PS – baby teeth – squeeaaa!

  2. Dang! I don’t have great tips except one: rethink takeout. We eat a LOT of takeout in our house since we had a kid, and we’ve tried to shift from pizza and coconut curries to more veggie-based dishes and pho and whatever else seems fairly good for us but is still really easy.

    The only way I actually exercise is when someone else is doing it with me and I know I shouldn’t back out. Otherwise, it’s just too difficult to make myself spend my spare minutes doing something that’s hard! Do you have a friend/neighbor/coworker who you can set up exercise dates with?

  3. Oh honey, I am feeling your pain. Ben has been sick for going on a month now as well and I am worn out. Top that off with the husband having a 103.7 temp last night and there just isn’t enough of me to go around!
    I like Lara’s idea! and, don’t worry about the gym. I decided that that can always come later when the wee one is a bit older. Cherish all the time you can get with him while he is small 🙂

  4. Just found your blog. Don’t beat yourself up too much. You will find the groove again.


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