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These days I try to focus on what makes me happy rather than dwelling on what’s wrong with me, why Emmett won’t stop throwing tantrums, how we will ever fix up our house, or what the hell is wrong with the world  today.  Not to paint myself as a Suzy Sunshine by any means, because I definitely am not.  But I’ve realized that if I want to be happy I have to work at it, and so I do.
Yesterday I was in a crabby mood.  Nothing terrible happened, just a bad night of sleep and lots of minor annoyances that I didn’t feel like dealing with.

So I painted my nails, which usually makes me feel better.  But last night I took it one step further, I painted a rainbow on my fingers and toes.

Yes, I kind of look like an 8 year old, but you know what?  It makes me happy.  I smile inwardly every time I catch a glimpse of my colorful nails.  Just try not to look too closely at my cuticles because they are decidedly unhappy.
Also, don’t make fun of my second toe.  The fact that it is longer than my big toe actually means I am a genius.  IN YOUR FACE ALL YOU SHORT TOED DUMMIES!!


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  1. Those nails are fabulous. Very Skittlesque. 🙂


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