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Memories of Fried Food.

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When my brother and I were little, we would often visit my Grandparents, who lived on what I remember being one of the most amazing places I had ever been.  They lived on a large piece of property with several cabins that they rented out, a duck pond, a humongous vegetable garden, my Grandpa’s bad ass garage and part of the American River flowing through it.  It was magical, to say the least.

So many memories were made here: it’s the first place I rode a bike without training wheels, my brother and I would build “boats” (let’s just say they would not have been considered sea-worthy…) in my Grandpa’s cavernous garage, and my Grandma would always remember to bring a loaf of bread on our walks so we could feed the ducks. 

I remember my Grandpa giving me sips of his Pepsi, to this day when I taste Pepsi I think of him.  My Grandma would make sun tea and I would force myself to drink it even though I hated the bitter taste, because it made me feel like such a grownup. 

One memory that stands out among the rest has to do with my Grandma’s cooking.  My favorite meal was so simple but something about it was just out of this world delicious, at least to 8 year old me.  She would butterfly hot dogs and fry them up, squealing like little piggies in the frying pan.  As an accompanying side dish, she would oh so thinly slice potatoes and fry them as well.  Why not, right?  FRY IT ALL!

My Grandma passed away when I was 10, and I have tried my entire adult life to recreate this meal, but alas, I just can’t get it right.  Maybe it was her cooking, or maybe it’s just the memory of it is so sweet it can never be matched. 



This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Weekly Writing Prompt:

“This week describe a meal your  Grandma (sorry Mom, but I loved Grandma’s hot dogs!) cooked that you LOVED eating growing up”. 


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  1. Hot dogs are awesome.
    Fried potatoes are awesome.
    Remembering grandparents homes, smells and feelings is even better.

  2. I love to read about your memories. By the way, it was the Cosumnes River.

  3. I loved reading this..I wish I could be there right now. I grew up on a small lake with ducks. And anything fried is great in my book. I still pull out the frying pan this time of year to fix some okra or green tomatoes.

    • Me too. Let’s close our eyes and pretend that we’re sitting by a pond, feeding ducks and eating lots of fried food.

      I think I just described my own personal Heaven. LOL

  4. There is just something about fried food. Mmmmmm!

  5. Cool, there’s really nothing like grandma food!


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