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Very Important Note: This post is not a bash on daycare and I am sure there are many amazing children who are in center care. This post is about our experience and how I feel about it, ok? Ok.

A few months ago, our beloved Nanny told us that she had received an offer she couldn’t refuse and would be starting a full time position in September. I almost cried. She has become a part of our family and Emmett loves her, we all love her, and we are so sad to see her go.

I am a firm believer in the theory that everything happens for a reason. While losing our Nanny pains my heart, I think that this is going to end up being a really great thing for Emmett.

I am so glad that we kept him at home with our Nanny. Less germs, more attention. He has grown into such a sweet boy, and I give a lot of credit to our Nanny for this.

That said, recently I have started to sense that he was ready for more. Our small house and limited toy selection weren’t enough for him any more.

This week was orientation at his new daycare. The minute we walked into the yard, I knew we’d made the right decision. He was enraptured by the chickens and bunnies that live in the play yard. One of the teachers told me the kids named the bunnies Hugs and Kisses. And then I died.

Everything was so new and exciting! New toys, new friends to be made, new places to explore. He had a smile on his face the entire time.

The school has an amazing art studio and smaller art stations in each classroom. I love this. I love everything about this school and I can’t wait for E to start!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear about his adventures

  2. No Pants Nance

    I want a log table for coloring, please and thank you.


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