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My weekend in pictures.

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Friday Night: Dodger game, Go Blue!


Or in this case, Go Pink!  Another Dodger fan is on the way. Congrats Brian & Lizzy!  


Fireworks from the Top of the Park.  So beautiful.  I love love love fireworks.



Saturday: Alina’s Bridal Shower.  The venue was AH-MAZING.  It might have been nicer than my own wedding.  Image

Love the orange and pink.



Even the champers was pink!


Have you ever played this game?  You make a wedding dress out of toilet paper and the best one wins.  This was the winner:


Not bad for toilet paper, right?  Apparently our competition goes to more wedding showers than me and my team, because this was our offering:



She looks like the Karate Kid.  And she’s half naked.  Basically we created a slutty ninja wedding dress.

We laughed until we cried and afterwards we all admitted we couldn’t remember the last time we had laughed that hard.  It felt really, really good.  





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  1. Wow, what a great weekend!

    I have never done well at the TP wedding dress game.

  2. No Pants Nance

    That TP wedding dress was awesome! Pretty wedding shower too.


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