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A day of firsts.

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Today was my first day back to work after a long weekend break.  It was rough, I’m not gonna lie, and the only things that got me through the morning were a triple caramel latte and a mini bag of circus animal cookies from my cube buddy.  I know, super healthy.  

It was also Emmett’s first day at his new daycare.  He is in the starfish group, how cute is that?  And how cute is this little Monkeyface???




My little man, lunch in one hand, sippy in the other. They might as well be a briefcase and a stainless steel travel mug full of coffee, that’s how old he seems to me in this picture.  No longer is he the tiny baby that counts on me entirely for his survival.  

This is a little boy who can now walk up to the pantry and grab a bag of crackers when he wants a snack. When his diaper is wet he points to it and proudly says, “Pee pee!”.  He can walk up and down stairs without needing to hold my hand.

Life is so much easier now he has gotten older, it’s just such an odd feeling to know that he now has a life outside of me.

How did you feel when your babies started school?  Did they cry?  Did you cry?


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