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I haven’t proofed this post, so good luck with that…

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I have like 5 blog posts floating around in my head, waiting for me to tap them out on my ridonkulously old laptop. But there’s always something that needs to be done more. We have to eat dinner, Emmett needs his lunch packed for daycare, and for the love of Pete I need to give myself a mani/pedi because what I’m sporting now (3 day old chipped polish) is not really appropriate for the office. Or anywhere ever.

I want to tell you all about Emmett’s AMAZING daycare, it’s like an artist colony designed by Pottery Barn. I want to write my next blog post for Postpartum Progress (Katherine, sorry for stalking you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to post again!).


I need some down time.

I have to get some work done that I couldn’t get to today at the office.

I will shrivel up and die if I don’t get some Emmett snuggles.

Also, my baby is sick, so he needs some Mama cuddles. And because he slept with me last night, and essentially blew his germs directly into my mouth for 8 hours, I think I’m coming down with his cold.

This is all to say, I am still here, just wearing a little thin from the 80 directions I’m being pulled in. I’ll be back soon.


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