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Daycare for Smug Earth Cookies…and Us.

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Emmett just finished his second week of daycare and we could not be happier with the school we chose. The teachers are all so mellow and loving, and the vibe is relaxed and happy, not chaotic and stressful like so many other schools we looked at.

It’s a very unique place, kind of like a little artist colony full of preschoolers. The yard is very Dr. Seuss meets Woodland Fairies. It’s a magical place that cannot be described in words; you can only truly experience it by being there. But because you live inside my computer, pictures will have to do. (and crappy pics at that, they were taken with my phone on an overcast day…)

Preschool Play Structure

Most schoolyards have your standard slide/swing/monkey bar combo, but not this place. They have a climbing sculpture with live succulents growing from it.


They have a reading nook in the middle of the yard, because sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book.

Preschool Reading Nook

The perfect reading nook

There are bunnies (named hugs and kisses by the kids) and chickens (they prefer to remain anonymous).

Chickens at Preschool

I mean, for crying out loud, they have an Atelier (French for “workshop”) for art classes and once a week they have dance, music, and Spanish lessons.

Preschool Art Studio

Preschool Art Supplies

I’m seriously considering dropping out of life and going back to preschool.

Tire swing

These are the things I love about his school, and they are why we chose this as the place where Emmett will learn and grow for the next several years.


There are also some things that I do not like about this school.

For instance, they have a No Trash rule with lunches and ask that you try to use reusable or recyclable containers for your children’s lunches. It’s a great idea and I’m totally on board with trying to minimize wasteful consumption. But then, at Back to School night, the Director asked that parents try to pack lunches in larger containers (like a bento box, for example) because lunchtime can be crazy when there are 10 kids all asking the teachers to open their 50 million lunch containers.

I’m all about saving the planet, but seriously? I already have two lunch boxes and multiple reusable containers for E’s lunch. I’m a little annoyed that I’m now being asked to go and buy him a specific type of lunch box (that will cost me at least $20). It seems a little over the top.

Also, because this school is a bit on the crunchy side, so are the parents. During back to school night, many of the parents looked like they had a piece of reclaimed barn wood stuck up their asses. They seemed like the kind of people who think their farts don’t stink.

I’m sure many of them would have gasped if they knew that, last night, I fed my kid McDonald’s for dinner. OH, THE HORROR! Quick, someone fetch me a glass of locally produced organic wine or some homeopathic smelling salts!

The funny thing is, I recycle. I’m all about saving the planet and when given the choice, I will typically choose organic, locally grown food. But I know that my farts stink, that’s the difference between them and me.

I’m sure there are some nice parents there, parents like me who share these ideals, within reason, and some who I hope won’t judge me because I don’t drink fair trade coffee.


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  1. This post is so full of win, Sierra! That school is amazing. And the smuggies can go smug themselves.

  2. Wow! What an incredible-looking place! I’ll bet a lot of the parents are way less uptight than you think, and that you’ll find you’re compatible with some of Emmett’s new friends’ folks.


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