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Goodbye Martha.

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For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be Martha Stewart. While most kids my age were thinking about going to keg parties, I was dreaming of dinner parties with finger foods, matching linens and acoustic guitars playing softly in the background.

I loved throwing parties and I would start planning months in advance, painstakingly creating the menu and making sure that every detail was perfect.

When I first created an account on Pinterest I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Image after image of fabulous parties, delicious recipes, crafts, beautiful home decor. I spent HOURS pinning things on my boards, I was so excited to try them out.

But in reality, I am not a Pinterest Mom. I didn’t hide an elf around the house last Christmas, I don’t make art with my child’s dinner and I don’t have a turkey made out of Emmett’s hand print. I would love to be this kind of Mom, but I am not.

And that is OK.

I’m tired of trying to be perfect, it’s exhausting. And no matter how perfect I am, there’s always someone out there who is craftier or more creative or a better cook. So I’m bowing out of the race, I’m done competing.

I’m sorry Martha, I still love you, but I am no longer trying to be you.


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  1. *applause* I’ve recently had this same revelation. It’s so freeing. That stuff is awesome, and it’s fun when we have the time and energy and creative resources to do it. But not doing is fine too, because sometimes just using that time to snuggle and read a story is 100x better.


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