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When ink can change your life.

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I’m sitting on a sheet of crinkly paper, nervous and shaking. The man sitting on the swivel stool below me smiles and says, “It’s just a tattoo, it’s not gonna change your life”.

At the time, it seemed like he was right. My tattoo is tiny and easily hidden, so from the outside, my life would likely stay the same. I realized the man with the large grill on his teeth was right, this probably wasn’t going to be a major life changing event.

But now, a few days later, I’m starting to question this. I feel different inside, in a good way. I did something I NEVER thought I would do, I completely stepped out of my comfort zone (literally and figuratively).

Anchor Foot Tattoo

Last night, I dyed my hair a color Chris describes as “bad girl brown”. I felt the need for more exterior upgrades. I’ve been so focused on fixing things from the inside out, it seemed time to make some changes on the outside as well. A shedding of my skin, so to speak.

So, sorry to prove you wrong Tattoo Man, but this little anchor has changed my life, and I thank you for that.


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  1. Love it! In my experience, being happier with the exterior makes me more inspired to improve all aspects of my life.
    Did the tattoo hurt much?

    • When I pointed out where I wanted it the guy said, “That’s gonna hurt like a bitch”, and he wasn’t lying! Lucky for me it took less than 2 minutes. 🙂


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