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Rained out.

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Tonight was E’s holiday party at school. Tonight it rained cats and dogs.

You may not think the two would work well together, especially since over 50% of the school grounds are outdoors, but it actually turned out so very wonderful.

The indoor classrooms were packed full of people, little kids, and food. It was hot, crowded, and I knew I had to get out of there immediately. Emmett felt the same way. He asked us, in Emmett speak, if he could play and made a bee line for his favorite spot.

While I was glad to be away from the indoor chaos, it was raining and standing outdoors was not ideal. We tried to get Emmett to stand under an awning with us and even bribed him with food, but he was having none of it. The boy wanted to PLAY.

So we said, to heck with it, go play and be happy! We stood there watching him, with a few other parents who also had die hard players, and I suddenly felt such an overwhelming sense of calm. I felt so present, savoring every moment of the gentle falling rain, my sweet, sweet boy riding his tricycle around the yard shouting, “Yay!” with such genuine glee, and the adorable teddy bear of a man who was standing beside me.

I felt love and peace. And slightly damp.


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