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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Comforting a cold.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a comfort eater.  Had a bad day at work?  Here’s a candy bar!  Bad night of sleep?  How about a caramel latte and an apple fritter from Sbux?

So it should really come as no surprise that when I’m sick, I crave comfort foods.  Fortunately, before I’d caught a cold from E-money, I’d made a huge batch of white bean soup.  I modified this recipe from the Food Network, increasing the bacon and serving in a big bowl instead of as an appetizer in a shot glass.  Serve with crumbled goat cheese and slices of crusty french bread.  Perfect for a chilly afternoon or a stuffy nose.

White Bean Soup

We don’t usually eat bread, as Chris is gluten intolerant, so I was trying to think of some creative ways I could use the left overs.  Enter, french toast.   I went to sleep last night dreaming about breakfast, and I was not disappointed.  I just threw together my own custard using an egg, heavy whipping cream, some white sugar and a dash of vanilla.  My recipe is very loosely based on the most magical french toast recipe ever created, by Ina Garten, of course.

I let the slices sit in the mixture for around 10-15 minutes a side, until they were nice and soft.  Next, I fried them in butter and served with hot maple syrup, a side of bacon, and a double espresso with fresh whipped cream.

French Toast

My nose is raw and red, my eyes are watery, and my throat is on fire.  But my belly is full and happy.  So at least there’s that.



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In an attempt to lose weight, become healthier, happier, more zen, and basically become an all around bad ass, I’ve started walking again.

I recently purchased a Fitbit and it has kind of changed my life, and I really do mean that. Here’s an example: Last weekend we went to the beach. Typically what this means for me is that I post up under the umbrella and watch my boys play in the surf while I Instagram cute pictures of them.

But this time, well, this time I had my 10,000 steps to get in! So I got up out of my chair and played in the waves with my 3 year old boy. We laughed and screamed when the waves crashed down upon us, kicked his soccer ball, and ran up and down the beach chasing each other. I did this so that I could get in some exercise, but I ended up gaining so much more than that. I honestly felt like a better Mom and a happier person, and all because of this rubber bracelet I started wearing.

Which brings us back to walking. I was walking my usual route the other day, most of which is walking on path right by the ocean. Before I knew it, I was listing off everything that I am grateful for, counting my blessings one by one.

I may be overweight, but I am healthy enough to walk.

I get to exercise outdoors, with the most beautiful backdrop imaginable.

I am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to stay at home while starting my own business.

I love my little family and they love me.

And then I happened to look at the daily reading from my most favorite app, Transform. It said,

“Gratitude! Tears melting into mountain snow”

-Soen Nakagawa

Assignment: Today, as you go through your day, notice everything for which you are grateful.

It was like getting validation from the Universe that I’m doing the right thing, which is always a good feeling.