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The Warrior Moms Battalion

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One of the things that helped me get through PPD was writing.  It was scary at first.  Not only was I admitting that I wasn’t well to myself, I was saying it in front of friends, family, and any stranger who happened to find their way to my blog.  Every time I hit the publish button for a new post, I would tense up, fearing judgement from others and feeling shame that I was failing my son and my husband.  

But then a magical thing would happen, right after that full body shiver of terror.  I felt FREE.  Being honest and open about my struggles quickly became an important release for me, and I started blogging more than ever.  I even wrote a guest post on Postpartum Progress, about how my traumatic labor and delivery contributed to my PPD.

Since writing that post, I’ve wanted to get more involved in helping other women struggling with postpartum mood disorders.  I felt compelled to share my story, my successes, and my hopes for the future.  

Earlier this summer I participated in the Climb out of Darkness, a hike celebrating the journey out of the dark hole that is PPD and coming back into the light, once again.  I can not WAIT to do it again next year!  


And now, I’m proud to be a part of the Warrior Moms Battalion, created by Katherine Stone from Postpartum Progress.  Over 200 women are joining together to “combat stigma and raise awareness. We’re going to let the medical community know what we expect and deserve to have happen when we reach out for help.”  

If you’re interested in joining us, you can find out more on the Postpartum Progress website.  


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