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My name is Sierra, I’m a 30-something working Mom. I love to cook but hate cleaning up, I’m a licensed esthetician, self admitted products addict and I hate ventriloquists with a fiery passion. I’m attempting to be the most fabulous wife and mother ever, all while trying to lose a very stubborn 50 pounds.

A few years ago, I married my college sweetheart, Chris. He’s the best guy I know and no matter how much crazy I unleash (obsessively folding burp clothes comes to mind…) he doesn’t run away. His eyes are so green that they still make my tummy flutter and he can always make me laugh. Recently, he decided to grow a beard. It just seemed like the right thing to do now that he’s in his 30′s, a homeowner and a Dad.

2 years ago, my baby boy Emmett was airlifted out of my belly after 22 hours of labor that “failed to progress”, which means his heart rate kept dropping to scary lows and I couldn’t push his big fat head out. The cats pretty much despise him, but we think he’s the most amazing baby ever.

Catcher is the spoiled baby kitty of the family. He head butts those he loves the most and is a Momma’s boy. Emmett is his mortal enemy.

Bijou is our other cat. She gets a lot of crap because she’s not the “cool cat” but we love her just the same. Except when she eats too much and then barfs all over the house. Then she’s definitely in second place. Emmett is her BFF.

Caveman lives in our basement and he travels for work, so he’s gone most of the time. He’s more freaked out of Emmett than the cats are, but we keep him around because he has a raclette grill and he knows how to party.

I started this blog when we bought our first house in June of 2009 as a way to share our home improvements (our house is a fixer, oh boy, is it a fixer) with our family and friends. We took a break from painting for a month and then someone (I’m not naming names) went and got themselves pregnant and our blog went from paint primer to breast milk.

I do my best to catch mistakes, but I am a busy working Mom and would rather eat my baby’s toes than proofread my posts 50 million times. They taste like jellybeans. I do hope you’ll forgive me and read on anyway. If not, I understand.


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  1. You forgot master splinter!!??Q#$%

    He doesn’t make the blog cut huh?

  2. I added master splinter, aka the caveman, to the family roster.


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