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Chris cleans the Garage.

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He’s a good man, this husband of mine.  He single handedly tackled one of the scariest parts of the house:  The Garage.  I kid you not, I have never in my life seen more spiders in one small space than I did in there.  First order of business, bug bomb.  I feel really bad killing things, but look, I *really* hate spiders.  I gave them all fair warning and apologized afterwards.

As if spiders weren’t bad enough, we had a bit of a mold problem as well.  So Chris had to suit up and spray one of the more toxic chemicals known to man to kill the mold and its spores.  And yes, I realize the irony of using one toxic thing to kill another toxic thing.

After that it was pretty much just heavy lifting, which Chris is really good at.


Cleaning up Hobbitland for Captain Caveman

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Our house has a cool/creepy, hobbitlike converted basement.  It started out as a very creepy, dirty, stinky basement.  After several layers of paint and several gallons of cleaning supplies, it’s turned into quite the cool man cave, perfect living space for our roommate Adam.